Automatic Electro-plating Liquid Filtration Equipment



Model / Spec

Model No. MOLYKEM ELF-050 (Standard)
MOLYKEM ELF-050 (Super)
Plating Tank Capacity 20m3
Filter Diameter 500∮mm
Dimension 500∮ × 2,450H m/m
Occupied Area 2,080 (L) × 1,100 (W) × 2,450 (H) m/m
Voltage 220V / 380V × 3∮60HZ .
380V × 3∮60HZ (Customized)
Filter Barrel Material C.S
Filtration Capacity MOLYKEM ELF-050 (Standard):6m3/hr
MOLYKEM ELF-050 (Super):12m3/hr
Control Mode PLC / Human machine interface (Fully Auto)
Remarks Supplied in Skid mounted with Pumps, Air blower,
Automatic Valves, Control Panel.


Fully automatic high efficiency filtration, totally without manpower for washing.
No need to replace the filtration materials and none consumable issue.
Better than conventional filtration, it can remove the iron form chemical solution, and is able to extend the using period of chemicals.
Reducing the washing frequency and the loss of chemicals during the cleaning.
Saving washing time of filter bags and labor costs.
Saving equipment occupied space, pipes installation, and filter bags costs.
Saving 75% electricity expenses.
Being able to remove grease from plating tank and saving costs by reducing the usage of activated carbon.
rapidly decreasing the iron from plating tank by using automatically dosing equipment adding hydrogen peroxide to oxidize the iron in order to easily be absorbed and filtrated by the fiber filtration material.
Chemical clarify after filtering, reducing S.S and enhancing the luster and coloring effects.
Using ELF/ELS filter can save more than US$40,000 costs annually.

The pros and cons, Filter Bag VS. ELF/ELS Filter

ELF-050 × 1 set Filter Bag × 3 sets
Filtration Rate
(Linear Velocity)
Filtration Rate: 30m/hr,3~6 hours self-cleaning (backwash)
Filtration Capacity:6m3 /hr (2μm)
Fast filtration, Quick blockage
Filtration Capacity: 18 m3 /hr
Backwash Time 30 minutes Manually washed and dismantled when saturated
Filtration Material
Automatically operates with nearly 1.0 m3 / wash cycle
Backwashing every 6 hours, 4 times /day
Backwashing water consumption: 4m3 / day
Washed by labors every 2~4 hours (high labor costs)
or washed by filter bag cleaning machine (wastes more water).
Three filter bags take turns washing (needs backup)
  1. Automatically backwashing program
  2. No need to plan the washing area
  3. Keep environment clean
  1. Not easy to clean the filter bags by labor
  2. Need to plan the washing area
  3. Causing dirty environment
  4. Occupied more space
Deep layer filtration:
High decontamination capacity.
Low backwashing frequency.
Shallow layer filtration:
Low decontamination capacity.
High backwashing frequency.
Deep layer filtration Shallow layer filtration
Filtration Accuracy Filtration can reach up to 2μm or less. 10μm~50μm or above, filtration depends on filter bags
Material Replacement Durable filtration material long term usage
(1 year warranty)
Replaced every 2 months after washing
(depends on blocking situation)
Iron Removal Capable of removing iron with good effects Low effective
Power Requirement ELF filtration pump: 2 HP × 1 set Filter bag pump: 3 HP × 3 sets

Running Costs, Filter Bag VS. ELF/ELS Filter

ELF-050 × 1 set Filter Bag × 3 sets
Filtration –
Water Expenses
1.5 KW to USD 0.07 / Calculated at:
USD 0.105 / hr × 24 hrs / day × 365 days × 1 set
= USD 920 / year
2.25 KW to USD 0.07 / Calculated at:
USD 0.158 / hr × 24 hrs / day × 365 days × 3 sets
= USD 4,152 / year
Backwash –
Water Expenses
0.75 KW to USD 0.07 / Calculated at:
USD 0.053 / hr × 0.666 hrs / day × 365 days
= USD 12.8 / year
Backwash –
Labor Cleaning Expenses
Alkaline plating chemical :
Using chemical to clean the tank every 6 months.
Acidity plating chemical :
Using chemical to clean the tank every year
( washed by acid or alkali depending on
the level of contamination )
Manual cleaning expense
USD 33.3 / manpower × 3 manpower / day × 365 days
= USD 36,464 / year
Backwash –
Water Expenses
1m3 / time × USD 0.38 / m3 × 4 times / day × 365 days / year
= USD 555 / year
1m3 / time × USD 0.38 / m3 × 8 times / day × 365 days / year
= USD 1,110 / year
( Base on different conutry region, the calculation maybe different )
Filtration Materials
Replacement Expenses
If every 5 years replaces filtration materials
Replacement expense:
USD 3,267 / time
Average replacement cost USD 653 / year
Replacing the filtration bags every 3 months,
depending on pollution status.
USD 3.33 / pc × 18 pcs / time × 3 sets × 4 times / year
= USD 719 / year
Annual Running Costs 920 + 12.8 + 555 + 653
= 2,141元 /年
4,152 + 36,464 + 1,110 + 719
= 42,445 USD / year
Using ELF Filter saves USD 40,000 running costs.
Great filtration effects and improves the quality
Production yield improvement
Keeping yur environment cleaning
Reducing the cost by less due to stop for tank cleaning
Reducing the costs of electroplating chemicals replacement
Every assembly line saves 95% operational costs, and saves USD 40,000 every year
One assembly line can save more than USD 40,000 per year totally

Layout Diagram

Layout Diagram Layout Diagram


Acid Galvanized
Acid Galvanized

Unfiltered VS Filtered

Acid Hanging Galvanized
Acid Hanging Galvanized

Unfiltered VS Filtered

Alkaline Galvanized Nickel
Alkaline Galvanized Nickel

Unfiltered VS Filtered

Alkaline Hanging Galvanized
Alkaline Hanging Galvanized

Unfiltered VS Filtered

Equipment performance